1. Routine

The Ohio House believes that a solid routine ensures a grounded foundation for our residents. We expect all of our residents to adhere to a strict set of daily activities.

2. Recovery

Each resident can and will follow some simple rules. Each residence is assigned a House Manager to ensure a safe and structured environment for the recovering. Rules are in place as a vessel to a sober lifestyle.


We provide each resident the opportunity to be held accountable on a daily basis. House rules help the individual become reliable, responsible, honest and self supporting. The Ohio House offers additional assistance to our residence so that the path they walk can be beneficial mentally, physically and monetarily.

John Donoghue

Director of Operations

If you or a loved one is a need of compassionate and accountable care, reach out to one of our admissions specialists and inquire about the work we do to transform the lives of all those who call The Ohio House home.

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